Encouraging Stewardship...Together

Northwest Baptist Foundation

Clint Overall, President

Psalm 67:1 “God be merciful to us and bless us, And cause His face to shine upon us, That Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations.” (NKJV 2007)Photo book of reports

The Foundation continues to pray God’s blessing on those we serve and those throughout the world who do not know Him. Our desire is that the nations be saved and that through our administration of personal and church resources our Lord would be glorified. This annual report presents many of the blessings and opportunities experienced by the Foundation during 2017.


Recognizing the prospective financial benefits and services of its own foundation, the Northwest Baptist Convention authorized the creation of the Northwest Baptist Foundation. On May 4, 1956, documents were filed with the State of Oregon and the Foundation was born.

Last year we had the opportunity to celebrate 60 years of service to the Northwest Baptist Convention and most importantly the people who make of the membership of the churches.

Our constituency consists of the messengers elected by Southern Baptist Churches cooperating with the Northwest Baptist Convention, and this Report is directed to them.


With its principal offices located in Vancouver, Washington, the Foundation is incorporated under the laws of the State of Oregon as a nonprofit religious organization and is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) (3) organization.

Since its inception, the Northwest Baptist Foundation has effectively served as the trust agency for the Convention. The Foundation provides: (i) interim and long-term financing for church construction, remodeling, and refinancing; (ii) fiduciary services as trustee for various revocable, irrevocable, and charitable trusts and managing endowments; (iii) assistance to individuals with estate and financial planning; (iv) scholarships to seminary and university students; and (v) assistance with church organizational and legal issues.

The work of the Foundation has expanded beyond its Northwest base in recent years. The Foundation now provides accounting and consulting services to other Baptist Foundations.


Though the economy experiences ups and downs, we are grateful the Lord provides a steady hand and has allowed the Foundation to experience measured and steady growth. The financial footing of the Northwest Baptist Foundation remains strong, and funds under management are over 43 million dollars as of December 31, 2016.

The auditing firm Kern & Thompson, LLC performed the 2016 annual audit of the Foundation’s financial statements. The Foundation received an unqualified opinion, a significant assessment meaning the auditors believe the financial statements are presented fairly and in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles. Moreover, the auditing firm commended the Foundation’s accounting staff for their outstanding work in creating the financial statements.

As of December 31, 2016, the Foundation’s total unrestricted net assets were $837,014. This number represents the Foundation’s reserves and is slightly less than its 2015 budgeted expenses. As a key metric of organizational fiscal health, its reserves reveal the strength of the Foundation’s current financial condition.

Church Loans.

The Foundation operates and manages multiple church loan funds, including the Hyde, Norris, and Moseley Church Loan funds and loan funds created by several associations and churches.

As of October 31, 2017, the Foundation’s church loan portfolio included 43 loans with an outstanding balance of $17,118,315. To date in 2017, the Foundation has financed six new loans that total $8,788,977.

The Foundation continues to be active in assisting churches with their financing needs.

Wills, Trusts, and Personal Care Services.


Last year the Foundation assisted approximately 100 families with preparing estate plans, including Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney and/or Advance Directives.

The Foundation also assisted several individuals and families with personal care services. Personal care services can include monthly check writing, acting as agent under a Power of Attorney, or ensuring that an individual is properly cared for during his or her lifetime.

The Foundation is pleased to assist individuals with the inevitable transition from here to heaven with dignity. Sometimes this transition occurs with the assistance of other family members, but at times the Foundation is the only involved entity. The Foundation serves as an extension of the local church as we function in this role.

Trust and Estate Management.

Managing trusts and administering estates continues to be a core service. Approximately 67% of the $43 million in assets under management represent revocable trusts created by churches (12%) and individuals (55%). The remaining balance represents Charitable Trusts, Endowments or Memorial Funds which provide annual income to support Baptist ministries, individuals, and other charitable causes.

The 2016 endowment income was distributed in the following manner:

Northwest Baptist Convention                                        $64,655

Northwest Baptist Churches                                             81,152

Northwest Baptist Associations                                      123,186

International Mission Board (IMB)                                   14,849

North American Mission Board (NAMB)                             6,688

Assistance for Short-Tem Missions                                    2,400

Educational Institutions                                                   43,243

Pastor and Widow Assistance                                           7,850

Missionary Housing                                                           4,100

            Total Distributions to SBC Charities                 $348,114

Other Charities                                                                22,402

Scholarships                                                                    66,523

            Grand Total – Charitable Distributions             $437,048


The Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who are members of Northwest Baptist churches. We are blessed to have competent and capable leaders eager to serve on our Board. Currently, the Board consists of two women and ten men. Our Board Members possess experience in the following fields: Accounting, Law, Engineering, Architecture, Information Technology, Education, Business, and the Pastorate.

Robert Hunter, Jr. – 2017 (2nd Term)
            Committee: Investment Committee
            Occupation: Attorney, The Hunter Law Firm
            Church Membership: Eastmont Baptist Church, East Wenatchee, Washington

Herb Johnston – 2020 (1st Term)

            Committee: Church Loan & Finance Committee
            Occupation: Instructor – Bellevue Community College
            Church Membership: Trinity Baptist Church, Redmond, WA

Wayne Logan – 2017 (1st Term)
            Committee: Promotion, Development, and Education Committee
            Occupation: Retired Educator Evergreen School District, Worship Leader
            Church Membership: Northside Baptist Church, Vancouver, Washington

Mike Malody – 2018 (1st Term)
            Committee: Administrative, Church Loan and Finance Committee
            Occupation: Transitional Pastor, Blue Mountain Church, Walla Walla
            Church Membership: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Pasco, Washington

Steve Meek – 2018 (1st Term)
            Committee: Promotion, Development, and Education Committee
            Occupation: Architect
            Church Membership: Dishman Baptist Church, Spokane, Washington

Marilyn Miller – 2017 (1st Term)
            Committee: Church Loan Committee
            Occupation: Retired Accountant
            Church Membership: First Baptist Church, Longview, Washington

Jack Middlebrooks – 2020 (1st Term)

            Committee: Investment Committee
            Occupation: Retired Business
            Church Membership: CrossPointe Church, Bothell, Washington

Bill Moffitt – 2019 (1st Term)
            Committee: Investment Committee
            Occupation: Retired Business
            Church Membership: Richland Baptist Church, Richland, Washington

Don Reeves – 2019 (1st Term)
            Committee: Promotion, Development, and Education Committee
            Occupation: Pastor, Grant Avenue Baptist Church
            Church Membership: Grant Avenue Baptist Church, Corvallis, Washington

Rickey Scott – 2018 (1st Term)
            Committee: Promotion, Development, Education Committee Chairman
            Occupation: Pastor – Connections, Harvest Community Church
            Church Membership: Harvest Community Church, Eugene, Oregon

Jamie Sims – 2019 (2nd Term)
            Committee: Vice-Chairman; Investment Committee Chairman
            Occupation: Contract Administration
            Church Membership: First Baptist Church, Beaverton, Oregon

Leslie Toll – 2016 (1st Term)
            Committee: Promotion, Development, and Education Committee
            Occupation: Human Resource Consultant, P/T College Business Instructor
            Church Membership: Smith Rock Community Church, Terrebonne, Oregon

Randy Adams – NWBC Executive Director (Ex Officio)
            Committee: Church Loan and Finance Committee
            Occupation: Executive Director, NWBC
            Church Membership: CrossPointe Baptist Church, Vancouver, Washington

Steve Bryant – NWBC President (Ex Officio)
            Committee: Church Loan and Finance Committee
            Occupation: Attorney, Bryant, Emerson & Fitch
            Church Membership: Highland Baptist Church, Redmond, Oregon


Clint Overall, Legal Counsel 1998 – 2015, President – 2016 (19 years)

Steve Brock, Chief Financial Officer – 2003 (14 years)

Robin Smith, Bookkeeper – 1997 (20 years)

Cris Yaw, Family Financial Planner – 2008 (9 years)

Ashley Seuell, Staff Attorney – 2013 (4 years)

Kurt Lenhoff, NW Washington Area Manager – 2014 (3 years)

Heather Appleby, Office Manager – 2014 (3 years)

Lori Pengra, Public Relations – 2016 (1 year)

Northwest Baptist Foundation staff is involved in ministry locally and throughout the world on a consistent basis. Kurt Lenhoff served in Romania teaching and preaching as well as preaching about “Stewardship” throughout the NWBC each Sunday. Lori Pengra is a pastor’s wife and leads the mission team at Hope International Baptist Church in Portland. This past year she served in Thailand doing evangelism and church planting ministries. Cris Yaw was a part of the NWBC mission trip to Thailand to work with missionary children. Cris serves as treasurer at Discovery Pointe Church and has a passion for reaching children. Robin Smith is treasurer at CrossPointe Baptist in Vancouver. She teaches preschoolers and leads VBS each year. Ashley teaches at the Northwest Campus of Gateway and works in the library – she loves to work and minister to her students. She also is heavily involved in children and youth ministry at CrossPointe Vancouver. Heather and her husband are deeply involved in counseling and small group ministry with their church family. Clint loves teaching kids at Pathway Church and Steve continues to teach his adult class, as well.

As you consider your station in life and seek to honor the Lord in all things, please allow the Foundation to help you Leave a Legacy for future generations.


3200 NE 109th Avenue * Vancouver, Washington 98682 * 800.594.2981